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  Beijing Branch of the original net operating assets by the Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen University, Shenzhen Qianhai China Science & Merchants Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Ziguang of the British Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Hubei Yao river Chemical Corporation co-founder, registration capital 30 million to promote the application of energy-efficient features and equipment systems, is committed to the flue gas is efficient, cost effective dust removal and desulfurization and waste heat utilization, environmental pollution and haze control, agricultural irrigation, firefighting and efficient development and application and promotion, available and value-added services tailored to meet the specific requirements of high efficiency, low cost of key equipment and related technology. The company will fully rely on the strength of shareholders, leveraging Xiamen University and Beijing UNIS force of continuous development and research platform to promote the advantages, China Science & Merchants solid financial strength, with the thrust of the government, combined with business, university and government to build the Third Year (Innovation , entrepreneurship and wealth) and platform; three bases (funds, base, foundation) platform to regional distribution mainly to supplement industry layout, focus area, the company's waste gas, waste water purification efficiency, waste recycling resources provided integrated programs, conduct targeted energy-efficient technology and complete sets of equipment units of production, sales, commissioning, investment, operation and management, to provide customers with technical support and service support, providing welfare to become air, water purification and other technologies and products investment operations of the entity, through the establishment of demonstration and extension of the Government, financial support and policy support for the green channel, innovative mechanisms, institutions, and actively explore the first mining by government, PPP mode, the third-party management business model, total package model, project reconstruction mode to create social enterprises, and government enterprises to establish benefit sharing, risk sharing, community relations full cooperation, the development of strong regional partners, together bigger and stronger, to build the headquarters of the Group with a strong technical, financial and team advantage, promote win-win cooperation.

  Beijing China Science Organic Innovation LLC is a company with 30 million yuan register capital that were co funded by Xiamen University Asset Management Company Limited, Shenzhen Qianhai China Science Commerce venture capital co, .LTD, TH-UNIS INSIGHT CO., LTD, and Hubei Yaozhihe Chemical co, .LTD, henceforth refer to as "the company". The company specializes in popularizing high efficiency, energy saving equipment systems, and focuses on developments and applications of high efficiency, low cost reduction of sulfur and dusts in flue gases, decontamination of environment, agricultural irrigation, and effective fire extinction. The company can provide "personalized" professional services and high efficiency, low cost packages that include key equipment and technology that satisfy specified criteria. The company will utilize strength of the shareholders, advantageous development platform of Xiamen University and TH-UNIS INSIGHT CO., LTD, financial support of CSC Venture Capital co, .LTD, and assistance of the government to provide comprehensive plans for high efficiency decontamination and recycling of regional and industrial gaseous, liquid, and solid wastes. The company will directly manage the production, alignment, sales, investment, operation of packaged high efficiency, energy saving technology and equipment units and provide customer services and technical support. The company will be the examplary invested and managed non-profit provider of purification of air and water. The company will establish examplary innovative mechanism and organization with governmental financial and legislative support. The company will embrace governmental first purchase, PPP model, thrid-party operation model, project adjustment model, and comprehensive project management model to construct a social enterprise that form symbioses with government and other businesses on the grounds of "profit sharing, risk sharing, and work sharing". The company will help develop potential regional partners that grow together to establish a business conglomerate that possesses powerful technical and financial teams and eventually achieve mutual prosperity.

Beijing Insight Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.
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