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Beijing Insight Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Insight Ecology") (formerly known as Beijing Tsinghua Thunis Insight Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Thunis Insight Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.) was renamed for the second time. Founded in December 1995, the company well-known technology pioneer enterprise in the chemical industry. It has many major technological innovation and industrialization achievements in pesticides, dyes, natural gas characteristic chemicals, biomass disassembly reorganization and bio-based industrial chain, clean fuel, ecological restoration and high-efficiency energy-saving technologies, equipment and products. It has transformed many traditional industries. Beijing Insight Ecological Company will continue to adhere to the original motto of "enterprise hospitals, technology banks", focus on the development of green ecological products, commit to the construction of ecological civilization and the implementation, transformation and application demonstration of scientific and technological achievements, and provide customers with systematic technical solutions or efficient energy-saving equipment and cost-effective products. Based on the basis of long-term clean production technology and equipment and process optimization design, the company will further carry out interdisciplinary technical research and development of equipments and products, promote technology transformation, provide service and talent training, and deliver technical support for the industry.

In the 28 years since its establishment, the company has taken full advantages of the integration of learning, research and production. With "enterprise hospitals and technology banks" as its business characteristics, it has long-term cooperation with many reputable universities, and has achieved fruitful results in scientific discovery, technological innovation, industrialization and commercialization.

Thunis Insight has established a scaled and relatively perfect technology research and development and achievement transformation platform. There are engineering technology centers and industrial technology research institutes jointly built in Shandong Plains and Anshan, Liaoning Province. It is equipped with various modern analysis and detection equipment represented by 300M nuclear magnetic resonators for high-tech and product research and development. The diagnosis, treatment and transformation of traditional production processes have achieved fruitful results in many fields, especially the industrial chain of hydrocyanic acid and its downstream products based on natural gas as raw materials, the biomass industrial chain developed at full price of clean pulp and plant bodies, and the high-efficiency energy-saving equipment system characterized by process strengthening. It has dozens of core patents and independent intellectual property rights in innovative technology, engineering, equipment, self-controlled industrial technology, and the three waste resourceization of waste acid, waste alkali and waste salt.

The company has won 7 national, provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards. The team led by Chairman Professor Yin Yingwu has applied for and obtained more than 150 patents. Over the years, through in-depth cooperation with many enterprises, the company has made important contributions affecting the whole country in terms of oxygen fruit, yellow blood salt, straw glycerides, dragon blue, pulp and papermaking, biological-based water-soluble fertilizer clean production process, etc. Through the continuous integration and development of technology, talents and information resources, the company is committed to expanding and enriching its own technology research and development and technological reserves. It is building green chemical and ecological industry highlight projects in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Shandong, Liaoning and other places.




Insight's Enterprise Culture has amassed many hi-quality special talents of the doctors, masters, etc. in chemistry, chemical engineering, automatic control, finance, sales administration, architecture and industrial planning with abundant experiences.

These highly talented people are the mainstream at insight. Years' exercising in the market economy has trained the Insight talent troop with abundant theoretic and practical experiences.

Insight has acquired the capability to train its own Ph.D and Master students and award them with the corresponding degrees from Tsinghua University, and has brought up teens of post doctors, doctors and masters. This adds significant to the esixting prople resources at Insight.



  博士  16%        硕士  35.6%
本科  44.4%       其它  8.9%



研究开发人员   66.8%    销售服务人员  8.8%
经营管理人员   13.3%     生 产 人 员   11.1%


On the 23rd September 1999, the 1st Stock Presentation Ceremony of Insight Company" was held in the company technology center. Ms. Zhao Fei, the vice president of TH-UNIS Group and all the staff have presented the ceremony. The chairman of the Board Yin Yingwu made a report of "Establishing New Property Right System in the Company", declaring the stock-presentation scheme to the natural persons, and presented 85% of his 45% stock of the company under his name to 18 staff who have made great contribution to the development of the company, took the other 15% stock as the motive stock, and made comments on the 18 staff who has obtained the stock. That day has opened the new chapter of the inner property right system reformation, which ensures the rights and obligation of the Insight staff to be the master. After that, Insight company has held twice stock presentation, which made the major staff be the masters of the company.



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