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"Technology Bank" aroused great interest, vice chairman of the NPC line

Chairman Dr. Yin Yingwu 1991 won the "National Youth Prize in Chemistry" by the party and state leaders

British forces since its inception has been the major media attention

CPPCC Vice Chairman for the British forces inscription ZhaoPiaoChu

Media reports

1. The high-tech enterprises is the "Technology Bank"
Tsinghua University Professor Yin Ying Wu to talk about science, research and industry resource integration and value to enlarge (Taken by China Chemical Industry News)
2. unis glycine project located in Zhuozhou (From China Chemical Industry News)
3. Ph.D. boss (From China Sankei Shimbun)
4. How to transform traditional industries
City and Tsinghua University to join research (· From Chongqing Daily News)
5. organic wastewater treatment technology and efficiency significantly (From China Chemical Industry News)
6. foreign soil collision thinking (From Science and Technology Daily)
7. The city signed an agreement with Tsinghua University
Tsinghua use high technology to transform traditional industries (excerpt from Chongqing Daily)
8. Qinghua how to meet the challenges of the knowledge economy
- Chairman of the company UNIS Yixi Tan Yin Ying Wu (excerpt from the new Tsinghua)
9. technology, you worth (From China Youth Daily)
10. UNIS force the development of new technology omethoate pesticide companies can revive (From Science and Technology Daily)
11. unis and Chongqing Pesticide Factory joint research
Omethoate production of new technology developed by identifying (From Science and Technology Daily)
12. Zhang Delin met with Tsinghua University and other guests (taken from the Chongqing Daily)
13. The high-tech enterprises and state-owned enterprises signed a cooperation project
- The two sides complement government guidance support
Liu Qi attended and addressed (From Beijing Daily)
14. Tsinghua Unisplendour the British Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. opened (taken from the China Chemical Industry News)
15. Private industry
- TH-UNIS was founded (taken from the Beijing Science and Technology News)
16. Wu Yin should: life played the cadenza
- TH-UNIS was founded (taken from the Beijing Science and Technology News)
17. omethoate technology made a major breakthrough
UNIS force private enterprises to win glory (From Beijing Science and Technology News)
18. Hospitals and business banking technology
- Tsinghua University to explore a new path of industrialization of research results (taken from the Ta Kung Pao)
For the chemical industry "medical treatment" (from China market Economic News)
20. "research" promising three-pronged
"Tsinghua Unisplendour" into the chemical industry (excerpt from Economic Daily)
British forces wastewater pretreatment technique effect (From China Chemical Industry News)

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