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Enterprise is the principal of industries. As the smallest economical cell of society, it builds a bridge in space-time from nothing. Enterprise’s key is operator and team and for project is culturist. Every enterprise has a way for success while every has a similar failure. Enterprise directly develops from department disintegration and project cultivation. There are startup,
growth stage, mature stage and declining stage. Management pattern should change with different stages’ contradictions.
Entrepreneur is the soul of an enterprise, the builder of the enterprise culture, creator or destroyer of material and spiritual wealth, resource allocator and balance master of  Interpersonal relationship and economic benefit relationship.
Characteristic:  he is excited about reality and sensitive to market. He isskilled in coordinate as the soul of the enterprise. Creative, strain capacity, public relations ability and organizational capability are four necessary abilities for entrepreneur.  Enterprise competition depend on creative ability. As a entrepreneur, making money depend on his strain capacity at any conditions. At the same time, a entrepreneur should be good at create a favorable neighbouring environment.  Establishing a good relationship with peer, government and customer is also necessary, which require excellent public relations ability. With good organizational capability, a entrepreneur could hold his team together.
Shortage: myopia in operation. devote much attention to tangible stuff and scorn invisible issue. Hard to focus and focus on his contribution rather than the team's.  Following his bigoted course is the common fault.
 Objective and positioning and Behavior pattern

Project’s R&D and business models of cultivating 

Evaluation Criterion of Technology and product
1) Environmental protection standard---technology and means are safe&environment and ecological ideas.
2) Economy standard---energy efficiency, investment saving,  highly cost-effective and wide application.
3) Recycle standard--- matching technology resources, adjusting measures to local conditions and cyclic utilization.
4) Carrier standard---combination of system, mechanism and technology
5) Technology standard---simple and useful
6) Market standard---customer's approval, high cost-effective, work smoothly of R&D, convertion and application.
7) Review standard---high moral quality and professional of expert team including entrepreneur, industrial expert and technical expert.  
It should support the enterprises that meet the requirements to build production equipment of demonstration and validation significance. It beneficial to overall evaluate of new technology’s implementation effect, verify advancement and practicability of technology, shorten verification and demonstration time, save  unnecessary human resource, material resources and time, select  practical technology meeting ecological environment and economic-technical feasibility standards. Encourage enterprises and attract experts to cooperate to develop new technology in order to achieve Innovation-driven development.

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