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Project’s disposable (one-piece)
Every project’s content is exclusive which is different from other non-activity project with excludability. It it not only irreversible but also non-repetitive so that a project has specific beginning, development and ending process. Its result is only one that is one-piece.
Project has specific ultimate goal
Project’s goal depend on ultimate purposeof project filing .
Research project object is to break through the original  theory and obtain research achievement. Object could be decomposed into overall object, divisional target, subobject and so on. The former is objective object and the latter is means-object. The latter treat the former as goal and serve for the former. The former treat the latter as means and direct the latter. 
A project is deliverable and  unique. Deliverable means is tangible working achievement those that can be verified. Deliverables is the initial aim and final purpose of project processing. It could be divided into interim deliverable and final deliverable. Project’s deliverable is uncopy, unique technology, product or service.
Result with certain uncertainty: project’s assume condition include the times required to perform given project, effectiveness and  performance of resources. The cost estimation related to resources is the foundation. This combination of assumption and estimation has certain uncertainty which may affect realization of project. For instance the project could not be finished on time or finally cost is higher than expected for underestimate or lost some resource cost. 
Project’s other feathers: it has a specific deadline, certain start date and expiration date of project achievement. It has a specific budget including human resource, investment, equipment,plant, analysis and material fees and so on. Project is as a whole. When  allocating production factors as required, it often crosses organizational boundaries for high profit to achieve overall optimum of quantity, quality and structure.
Project’s four constraint condition---technology, time, quality and cost
Meet certain index, standard or specification
 Meet the requirement of product or result
Meet the deadline
Reasonable cost
Principles of project definition (SMART)
Specific: Whether final target define range, cost, plan and quality
Measurable: Predict to what extent of accomplishment of final target
Achievable: Final target is reasonable or not and could be finished on time
Relevant: Whether the final target important, valuable and be worth to process
Trackable: Whether the whole project could be tracking controlled
Project management: To promote and facilitate the application of various resource including knowledge, skill, tool and technology to reach the expected aim. Control the whole process of project from beginning to the end. 
Process of project lifetime ( project product as the key)

Process of project management lifetime ( project management as the key)


Project management process mapping

R&D process and business model

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