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3. A complete production line of technology
Pre-feasibility study
R&D of technology start from project pre-study including preliminary investigation, market and problem analysis, technical literature research, customer survey, project market foreground, technology,  feasibility of the scheme  and economic benefit, social benefits argument, environmental implication, enterprise credit, strength, project human guarantee evaluation and so on. Set up the project after having certain assurance. And then sign project contract,  understand the customer, evaluate and inspect process, equipment and other fields.
It is better to compare infeasibility argumentation and raises doubts about technology and plan.
Determine of technology plan
The key of technology R&D is determination and optimizationof technology plan.
Firstly, project manager with experience should organize related staff to determine plan and schedule.
Chief engineer and assistant chief engineer organize related department and staff to discuss pre-feasibility report and technology plan. Chief engineer and assistant chief engineer direct and control the R&D process and integrate the staffs’ collective work to reflect  the level of team professionalism.
Amplification of technology and equipment discussion
Practical plan of the industrialization should be discussed during establishing.
Whether process is feasible, equipment meet the needs, technology and equipment are integrated, optimization space exist after integration and innovative point is inimitable in process, engineering or equipment.
Whether it is possible to  directly adjust the existing process platform. The adjustment should be ensured so more lab experiments are needed first. After that, write commissioning programme based on experiments results. According to plan to perform the commissioning,  acceptance and appraisal. Write inspection acceptance results report and finally report. Compare inspection acceptance  report and initial acceptance report to get extraction efficiency as basis which prove the practical effect of technology.
New project building
New project building include amplification effect analysis, risk analysis with risk prevention and risk control measures, determine time frames of project, determine plan of project technology, perform pilot demonstration, process optimization and apply for a patent. Write project proposal, feasibility study report and environmental impact assessment report. These reports should be approved by government and related  functional departments. After that, the project could be constructed.
Design, equipment procurement, production line construction and start up trial.
Determine project’s development strategy
Deciding project for transferring  should sign contract to clarify project index,  respectively responsible areas, Implementation plan and acceptance after project finished. 
industrialization project should further study market,  economic benefit, investment, risk, competitor, personnel allocation to write project feasibility report.
The project can be run in a standalone mode or branch model or newly establish company model. Set up management model and operate listing, merge, and partition strategy.
Design and development plotting
Pre-feasibility study
Feasibility analysis--- technology, market and economy
Plan for design and development --- development phase; appraisal and  verification in each stages; allocation of resources; responsibility and authority.
Pre-research project proposal
1 Literature Review1.1 Project name 1.2 Pre-research project proposal 1.3 Pre-research project risk 1.4 Suggestion  
2 Background and necessity 2.1 Project background 2.2 Project necessity 2.3The feasibility of finance and economics    
3 Pre-research object 3.1Pre-research object, main technical indicators and parameters 3.2 Pre-research product performance and specifications    
4 Technical feasibility 4.1 Project basic content 4.2  Available technology resource in company  4.3 Key technology and solutions 4.4 Milestone review and criterion and methods of acceptance test 4.5 Technology risk analysis and precautionary measure
5 The feasibility of intellectual property right 5.1 Tracking study of domestic and foreign technology and standard 5.2  Full Search and  take full advantage of technical information on patents. 5.3 Protection strategy of key technology intellectual property
6 Market feasibility analysis
7 economic feasibility studies
8 Pre-research project plan 8.1 Project work task and schedule 8.2 HR, investment, material and information required in project. 8.3 Overall budget and time-phased budget 8.4 Phase division, appraisal and test acceptance 8.5 Project risk analysis and precautionary measure
9 Others
Input of design and development
Function and performance requirement
 Applicable law and regulatory requirements
 Information from similar design
Other requirements of design and development
Project appraisal
Appraisal is raised by project team and reviewed by related personnel organized by technology centre. Assessor include general manager, chief engineering and functional personnel. Hiring outside patent agency and specialist participate in evaluation when necessary.
Technology centre should make a record and fill “Project Set-up Approval sheet” ( as attachment) based on review group opinion. Then they should report to general manager and chief engineering. Place the documents on file.
 Project approval
The power of examination and approval of project set-up and conclusion work belong to general manager or vice-general manager.
The power of examination and approval of external investment belong to  chairman of company. 
Documents submitted
 Checklist of Lab-test finished technology documents
 Checklist of pilot finished technology documents
 Checklist of technology documents of technical cooperation with external company
 Checklist oftechnology documents of external self-control service
Lab-test finished require documents
Lab-test summary (  process principle, innovation, process flow diagram, material, energy balance, waste treatment,  profit forecast, equipment investment estimation)
 Technical progress report monthly
The whole design and develop form
Record of meeting-based evaluation
Analysis and operation procedure
Literature review
Original record and  atlas
Marketing research report
Analyzing and testing reports and customer trial report is required when send sample outside
Weekly report
Outline of lab-test summary
Product introduction: name, molecular formula, structural formula, molecular weight, CAS number, physicochemical property, toxicity (MSDS), product specification, application, package and  the notice of  storage and shipping
Process principle
Process flow diagram
Data statistics
Operating instruction
Write each step in order including reaction steps and aftertreatment
 Capacity, operating instruction , attention, waste treatment plan (waste gas,waste water and waste residues), cost accounting of raw material, lab-test conclusion, attachment: raw material physicochemical property.
Pilot test finished require documents
Pilot test operation procedure
Analysis operation procedure
Qualified supplier evaluation from pilot test location
Weekly report and plan
Technical progress report monthly
Regular record of meeting-based evaluation
The whole design and develop form
Debugging report
Training records
Original record, atlas and produce test analysis report
Technician report on business
First part: process ,data and summary
Pilot test purpose, process, process flow diagram, energy and material balance, data statistics, raw material consumption and cost accounting, waste treatment, problem and solution and summary
Second part: engineering equipment
Pilot test equipment list and nonstandard equipment operation drawing
Checklist of external project require documents
The commissioning report, implementation and operating procedureon site, analysis operating procedure, case of handing documents to external company, equipment inspection report, training records, regular record of meeting-based evaluation, weekly plan and summary on site, monthly report on site, the whole design and develop form, original record and atlas, technician report on business, communication log with customer about important event and customer acceptance report
 Outline of site commissioning report
Site commissioning purpose, process, process flow diagram (block flowsheet), data statistics on site (need signature), raw material consumption and cost accounting, waste treatment, problem and solution
Commissioning summary
Design and development change control
Keep a record---design and development deviation notice
Evaluation of change---especially the effect on finished parts

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