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Qualification Honor





Sign 217 contracts and agreements

Hereinto: 52 technical transfer contracts
58 technical development contracts
12 technical service contracts
95 technical cooperation agreements
34 patents application

Hereinto: obtained 10 authorization patents
10 examination patents
5 acceptance patents
5 PCT patents

16 prizes

Hereinto: 1 state technology improvement prize, 11 provincial and ministerial prizes, and other 4,7 products and technology authentication. 

Develop about 150 new technology and products.
Hereinto: have extended 80.
Developing 10.
60 independent products (50 industrialized, 10 to be industrialized)


44 cooperators
Hereinto: 6 junior colleges, institutes, 38 corporations and companies.

Create new profits of more than 1 billion totally for corporation.

Realize sales income 907 million Yuan totally.

Realize profits 97 million Yuan totally.

Turn in tax 28 million Yuan totally.

Capital increment by 96 times.





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