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● Difficult start
In May 2007, Professor Wu Yin should be based on extensive research on the proposed "development of plant stalks full price advantage of cleaner production technologies, new rural construction of circular economy demonstration base" envisaged.
In June 2008, by Professor Wu Yin report should stimulate, Southwest University sophomore class innovation voluntary formation of the "Dream Seven" team to clean pulping chemical plant as a breakthrough initiated research projects utilizing the full price.
In December 2008, a breakthrough mass transfer unevenness segmented pulping process to be successful, "fiber extraction process of" first patent application. (Grant number: CN101748633B)
January 2009, "Dream Seven" team of "segmented extract fiber pulp new technology" won the first "Challenge Cup" Chongqing Division Grand Prize, the National Division prize.

●  Get support     

In August 2009, based on preliminary results of the project to the transformation industry and British forces Aiming Beijing and Hong New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing and Wang Dong Jia Group investment company.
 October 2009, the company officially commissioned China Pulp and Paper Research Institute of New Technology a small test pilot process for further identification and optimizing pulp quality testing of raw materials, product and process analysis, binding equipment.
       In April 2010 the project team members test base at UNIS force Zhuozhou Branch in pulping process and the new process test equipment binding assay achieved good results.
       September 2010, China Pulp and Paper Research Institute adopted new technology small test, test of identification issued by the full recognition of "clean pulping process to identify a new report," New Technology Advance.
       August 2011, British forces entered the sky map investment, continue to support the industrialization of pilot demonstration bases.

●  Pulp annual organic fertilizer success


January 2010, the company and the University of Southwest Resources and Environmental Sciences plant nutrition expert Professor Wang silver formal cooperation began raffinate fiber resource utilization - potassium bio-based slow-release fertilizer cooperative development started.
       October 2011, the team continued to promote the fertilizer industry, to obtain raffinate in Zhuozhou fiber base, pilot production of organic granular fertilizer potassium fertilizer in pot experiments and field trials have achieved good results, not only to increase output by about 10% and improve the quality of vegetables.




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