Create a new model of learning, research and industry - "Technology Bank" and "Enterprise Hospital"

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Create a new model of learning, research and industry - "Technology Bank" and "Enterprise Hospital"

(Summary description)Create a new model of learning, research and industry - "Technology Bank" and "Enterprise Hospital"

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Since Deng Xiaoping put forward the "science and technology are primary productive forces" since the country to accelerate the pace of science and technology to promote the industrialization of the fruit, the country has many universities and research institutions rely on their own resources to embark on a research exploration. And looking at the development path of China's research, the successful footprint is still walking vaguely. In these limited success, and was founded in 1995, Beijing Qinghua Ziguang of the British Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the British power company) after eight years of exploration to create a unique new mode of production and research, they proposed "technical bank "and" enterprise hospital "novel position, caused great concern to the business community. Eight years ago, the British forces in the science into technology, the technology into products, into the product terms of goods made remarkable achievements, the company owner's equity increased by 70 times, the "technology bank" and " enterprise hospital ", a unique business model with more than 30 enterprises to achieve successful cooperation Gakken production. Create new benefits accumulated more than 10 billion yuan. British power company has successfully created a Gakken transformation vector production platform, to become a truly "professional incubator." Benpian case we will be in-depth analysis of how the British power company through corporate positioning technology bank of this feature to achieve rapid growth, hoping to learn, research and industry parties, entrepreneurs, and are engaged in research or interested in research works are some inspiration.

I. Background

Speaking of British power company, the first to mention its founder, chairman British power company, Tsinghua University professor and doctoral tutor Mr. Yin Yingwu ----- a passionate, he likes to create and change entrepreneurs and scholars. Wu Yin age of 15 should be the first after the reopening Students, admitted to the Southwest Normal University student, age 20 joined the faculty 23 years studying embark on the road again, at China University of Technology completed a master's degree, in 1991 to enter the Tsinghua University doctoral degree, the same year for outstanding academic achievement and application won the National Top ten Youth Prize in Chemistry in 1994, Yin Wu to be completed doctoral studies at Tsinghua University.

Was placed in front of him there are two paths: to go abroad to do postdoctoral work or stay at home. National Science and Technology was behind the face and the brain drain of the status quo, on the one hand domestic enterprises, backward technology, mostly unmanned solve technical problems, on the other hand a large number of talented people could not find suitable development platform and forced exodus, he He deplored, a strong sense of mission so he decided: to stay in the country should be dry Wu Yin is selected (Group) Corporation venture to unis!. Graduate assigned to post here, YIN Ying Wu did not ask a penny invested on their own from scratch, independently created unis application of organic chemical unit, by the end of 1995 to the Department created on the basis of the Beijing Ziguang of the British Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., has become Tsinghua enterprises Group star. Start at the beginning, with an 8 square meters of temporary rented guest house as an office and a just 3-square-meter laboratory bench, a 386 computer from home moved in, YIN Ying Wu and his colleagues began the arduous self-accumulation and rolling development the entrepreneurial process.

Eight years of efforts were not in vain, and now the company has developed into the British force has 12 Senate holding subsidiary of the Group of companies, is committed to high-tech transformation and incubation of new products as well as in the promotion of scientific research commercialization, industrialization internationalization has made remarkable achievements. In the industry of technology innovation and venture technical service fruitful; the photoinitiator and light-cured coatings, natural gas chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, new pesticides and dyes, green paint and light curable coatings and inks, and so has strong R & D, production and marketing capabilities, forming a highly competitive industry chain, the products are exported to overseas.

Ability to integrate cross-strong R & D capabilities, multidisciplinary, and the transformation and industrialization of technological achievements capability, integration, and ability to deploy resources and very dynamic property and employment mechanism forming characteristics and advantages of the largest British forces.

British power company in Beijing, Chongqing, Jiangsu and other places to build their own research and development center. Tsinghua University, Beijing built in the British force technology center, thousands of square meters of laboratory, equipped with first-class professional analytical instruments, years of accumulated technology and scientific management system for the company's research and development staff to build a software and hardware platform with the international advanced level . The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

British forces in the process of development has formed a multi-disciplinary industry to chemical-based, you can cross the plains modern factory building system supporting capacity, technological innovation and industrial capabilities and a strong market for the foreseeable cooperation capacity of the company is British core competitiveness. The company built in Chongqing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Hebei and other places have their own industrial base.

British power company make full use of the advantages of integrated research, development and continuous integration of technology, human resources, information resources, is committed to expand and enrich its own technology development and technical reserves fruitful, has been declared and patented more than 30, national, provincial and ministerial level achievement award more than 10, nearly 10 projects and products are included in the torch plan, research projects, double high priority new products.

Years of market economic practices of baptism and trained a doctorate or master's degrees and advanced engineering technology, management and marketing personnel mainly good Daying Zhang backbone of the team, under the unified coordination and portfolio companies, already have a strong cross-disciplinary skills and ability, good at solving technical development, investment decision-making, technology transfer, engineering support, business management and other aspects of the complex issues, has become truly can provide a high level of business growth and services "incubator." The company has a guide Tsinghua University master's, doctoral, post-doctoral mentor strength, has become a master, doctoral and postdoctoral Tsinghua point.

Second, the origin and meaning of the British force "Technology Bank" and "Enterprise Hospital" Positioning

Origin (a) British power company "Technology Bank" Positioning

To clarify the power of the British company "technology bank" corporate positioning origin, we still have to start with Wu Yin should talk. Yin Zhao Yufen academicians from martial should, during the Masters and PhD in the field of phosphorus chemistry of life to make a lot of pioneering work and important contribution, published more than 20 papers in academic circles at home and abroad has been well received, a plurality of academician thinks he research methods and research results reached the international advanced level, with great theoretical significance and application value. So, when he chooses to do applications, familiar with several of his old academicians feel very surprised, they should think Wu Yin is a promising academic people, he chose to do, but also very very sorry applications support. Since then research institutes and universities, the impression is, people tend to engage in the application being looked down on, that is the theoretical results do not apply only to engage in quasi-laid-off workers. Scientific and technological achievements conversion rate was less than 10% in China, if China were second and third stream of people to engage in the application how can do it? YIN Ying Wu said that China is not the lack of people to engage in theoretical research, lack of theory is done well, but Shen was down, and that they help enterprises to solve the practical problems of high-level personnel, lack of production is completed Gakken whole person; Wu Yin should feel, Chinese scientists need is to have the mind of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-minded scientists need to master the modern scientific knowledge, and to in-depth practical and hands-on, innovative, compound talents. Yin Ying Wu hopes to tap to start a business in this economy cells form, its innovative approach and results applied to the actual production to explore a new science, research and industry linkage development, infinite loop mode, the maximum increase and explore Gakken production the potential to become the architect of science, research and industry projects, explorers, practitioners. We hope to be able to study first-hand the practice of planting enterprise, the essential characteristics and operating rules of growing and fading, and find a common reference and implementation of enterprise operation mode, or in person to achieve full production Gakken cycle theory and practice.

At that time, the state is actively encouraging the promotion of scientific and technological achievements to industrial development, which is the research project, YIN Ying Wu believes that intellectuals are mostly the rich intangible assets, tangible assets of the poor in their hands with a thick intangible assets "checks "mind rich wealth of knowledge, but not" bank "to honor. Since there is no, think of Wu Yin should set up a hospital for those temporarily unable to redeem the "personal checks" provided a "bank" for those who fell ill did not know where to treat the enterprise, built for those Talented people a stage ----- company to achieve "nothing", "there is no high school students", "whether the whole by" process, so Yin Wu wanted to be with the business model of effective integration of all resources, the power company UNIS as a "technology bank", hope and talented, the parties hope to make a difference and build a broad stage to play, and to realize its intangible assets to tangible assets value of tangible assets and cash break a new path .

Connotation (b) of the company UNIS "technology bank" Positioning

British military force should be considered Yin's "technology bank" has three functions, is a reserve, a cash function is a function of lending, in the process of creating wealth for companies and individuals to complete the company "check" against the current. Internal "reserve" R & D technology and attract talent; externally, for the enterprise, "borrowing" technology and cultivate core competitiveness. "Technology Bank" of the specific content can be expanded as follows:

Attracting talents - reserve personnel for the talent to reflect the value of its own cash window, attracting all kinds of Talented want something talented people to join the British forces, in order to give full play to provide broad stage, to achieve its cash revaluation of intangible and tangible assets.

The use of high - technical reserves, and constantly self-development and integration of scientific research institutes, universities, enterprises and technical personnel and information resources, through the construction and integration of science, research and industry platform, supporting the formation and practical techniques to continuously expand and enrich itself technical reserves.

Revitalize national industry - lending technology, by way business hospital to serve the technical diagnosis, discovery technology, engineering, environmental protection and other technical issues of corporate existence, and as to its own research, propose solutions to the problem, to factory to implement and provide follow-up services. This hospital enterprise business model, and indeed go first to market product reproduction (development), and then follow-up services and continuous improvement of the business model, is a job of service and technological innovation process, but also a transformation of research & industry the process of.

Realize the value of life - the value of cash in the business to provide advanced and practical system supporting technology and we will continue the process of return, the company has been speeding the development of individuals and companies of tangible and intangible assets have been honored and added value. The company encourages innovation and protect the inventor's enthusiasm and initiative, the establishment of various forms of reward system, such as royalties, performance pay, stock awards, option settings, trying to get a sense of accomplishment talents and social identity, and gradually get not less than working conditions abroad, but the feeling is the boss! individual "checks" in the company to get cash, the company's value in bank technology cycle proliferation. Therefore, the technical bank reflects the creation, circulation and the value of the entire conversion process.

British power company "Technology Bank" is the biggest characteristic only interest, not principal and interest payment period is short, easy credit segment, the operating speed, as long as the lender --- enterprise application, agreement between the parties, to implementation, approval and need not guarantee the technical staff immediately come to their homes to diagnose and implement technology transfer to local conditions and personalized follow-up services to enable enterprises to truly grasp the "credit" technology.

"Enterprise Hospital" is "technology bank" ways and means to implement this business model to solve the scientific and technological achievements into hard, low conversion bottlenecks, found all advantages of resources integration research shortcuts, but also to build the company's core competitiveness.

The next three stages of development experience, the British force "technology bank" positioning guide

Enterprises in the development of specific strategic positioning, the general should take certain strategic analysis, the usual method is SWOT analysis, but also by analyzing the external environment and internal resources companies to identify business opportunities and threats faced by (O, T ), found its own advantages and disadvantages (S, W). Any enterprise is in a certain environment in development, so companies need to analyze its external environment, to understand what is the focus of market competition, business location Talents in how kind, etc., so you can more accurately grasp the changes in the environment and development trends and their impact on the business, the opportunity to discover which companies can discover, and which companies may face a threat. In addition to analyzing the external environment, companies should also be internal resources itself has an in-depth analysis, such as: the company's employees have what skills and abilities the financial situation of enterprises how to develop new products how to strength the public and??? the quality of customer service for its products or how to evaluate and so on, through this analysis, corporate management should recognize that, no matter how powerful companies, are subject to certain limitations in terms of resources and skills, and therefore corporate management must be able to identify what is the distinctive ability of the enterprise, as a business decision that is competitive weapon unique skills and resources, through SWOT analysis, companies can develop for their own development strategies based on the analysis results. The British power company that is always accurate grasp this point, according to the changing external environment and corporate resources to adjust their strategic positioning.

(A) a first stage of development under the guidance of the Characteristics: 1995-1999

Review and summarize the eight years since the development of the British way of the company, we can 1995--1999 Britain and force the company's development as its first stage of development, at this stage, the British forces positioned on specific development strategies can be expressed It is: technology development-oriented technology leader companies technical advice and services.

According to the SWOT analysis, the main British force companies to set the direction of the medium-sized chemical, pesticide companies, and in particular the entry point, the British force the pesticide industry Jiugong problems ---- transformation process as omethoate the starting point to explore the state-owned large and medium enterprises in low-input, high output, low investment and quick way of transformation, only omethoate this new technology on a "credit" to the country more than a dozen major pesticide plant, for example, in Haimen pesticide factory in just a short period of eight days, the People's Liberation Army 9715 factories in just half the time after finishing the "credit" procedures to complete the "technical credit" is used to obtain the very good results, but also because of the British power company omethoate this one get tens of millions of technical income, which more than a dozen new pesticide plant and therefore the cumulative benefit of one billion yuan. Omethoate new technology while also won the 1997 National Science and Technology Progress Third Award in 1996, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, Beijing International Invention Exhibition Gold Medal, to declare a total of five related patents. British power company also Amoy to her pot of gold. Since then a number of pesticide glyphosate, glufosinate A new phosphine sulfide, imidacloprid, paraquat, ferrocyanide, indigo and other dye technological achievements have been adopted by businesses, to achieve the company's sustainable development.

At this stage, Yin Wu to be headed by British forces entrepreneurs to enterprise workshops as enlarged laboratory research with factory engineering and technical personnel, complementary advantages, benefit-sharing, from the point to the surface rolling development, has created every a quarter of an industrialized technological achievements magical speed, shorten the research institutes and enterprises time and spatial distance, reducing the part of scientific and technological achievements, to speed up the process of transformation, it has completed omethoate, methamidophos, water isocarbophos of pesticides and other major products, technology projects, and achieved good social and economic benefits. British power company's good operating performance and the reputation of the community is willing to give its first levels of government and relevant departments in 1999, won the Beijing Haidian District, to test the ability of technological innovation to enhance the Fund. British technology company, Hui-ying of Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. in 1999 has also been identified as the Beijing New Technology companies, which have created very favorable conditions for the industrial development of the company, so far, also it shows that the first business of the company has been basically British carry out.

(B) The second stage of development under the guidance of the Characteristics: 1999-2003

In order to accelerate the Insight's development, to adapt to global economic development and the need to compete in the completion of a business based on the British power company seize the opportunity to adjust the company's business strategy, the company from a simple technology development, technical service-oriented enterprises toward technology research and development-oriented, technology services and high-tech products combining technical production-oriented enterprises transition to begin on the grade, the second venture on the scale. British forces first strengthened the company developed high-tech products, pay close attention to the construction of the base product, ensure the industrialization of technological developments to achieve as soon as possible, the basis for product development and in market research on the work in 1998 and early 1999 began Tianjin special construction chemicals production base in Tianjin, special chemicals, construction and development base year, the British power company employees use many years of technological experience, with collective wisdom, strong will, hard work, sweat and even blood under very difficult environmental conditions to create a specialized production base fifty days to launch a new product, the year put into operation four species of "British force speed." British power company has undergone the test of blood and fire, has gone from technical services to the industrial transformation test, experienced and comprehensive co-operation with the test, the test of Refining experienced team, has also experienced management industry to international standards trials and compete with international brands of test, withstand the test, an increase of knowledge, training the management team, but also exercise the workforce has accumulated great spiritual wealth and intangible assets, for the industrial development of the company played a British active role.

At the same time, the construction of the British power company antioxidants, heat stabilizers and related auxiliary production base, pharmaceutical intermediates production base has steadily. British pharmaceutical intermediates development direction of the company for the international market, the force developed by the other categories of products. In order to further strengthen technological exchanges and cooperation across the Taiwan Strait, better play to their respective advantages and complement each other effectively, so that the British power company's high-tech products into the international market as soon as possible, by the end of 1999 and the Taiwan Huiju Gong Division co-founded Beijing Hui - British forces chemical technology development Co., Ltd. medicine. Through the introduction of foreign capital, technology and information, the use of overseas markets, products to the international, began to take on big companies with international contest of strength in terms of quality, cost, price and other tough industrial international tour.

We can through the following examples to illustrate the rapid development of British power company at this stage. In 2000, Hui-ying of the company developed a high-L- phenylalanine new technology, which chiral synthesis techniques, in Haimen built a world-class annual output of 200,000 tons of production enterprises, the project has been listed as national Torch Program . In 2001, the British power company developed a new process of paraquat production, and by the outcome of the appraisal by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission held, got high evaluation appraisal experts, after being Hegang Wo Friends Limited use of pesticides, solve the decades abroad with sodium cyanide method Jiugong many technical problems, broke the British company ICI global exclusive monopoly for 46 years the situation has become a major highlight of the Chinese pesticide industry. In 2001, the British power company has developed a highly efficient UV curing initiator YL-PI TPO, is the British Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. uses, has annual output of 300 tons of production base to make the company become the IHT BASF after the second production of the energy industry supplier, the product is a significant benefit, more than 95 percent of export; British power company has developed a highly efficient UV curing initiator YL-PI 907, invented a new method of synthesis and application international patents, this technology has been the British Beijing Science and technology development Co., Ltd. uses, has annual output of 300 tons of production equipment. In 2000 British forces developed anilino acetonitrile production of new technology, the Chongqing British power and gas company adopted in March 2002 by experts Chongqing Municipal Economic Commission organized, the experts agreed that the technology has reached the leading domestic and international advanced level, British forces in Chongqing natural gas company has built an annual output of 30,000 tons of aniline-acetonitrile, 30,000 tons hydroxy acetonitrile, hydrogen cyanide annual output of 9000 tons of production base, has become the industry leader, to solve the indigo clean production of new technology raw material supply problems of key intermediates, which greatly promoted the industry's technological progress, and achieved remarkable economic, social and environmental benefits.

At this stage, the British power company in the industrial development of the foundation and the basic conditions mature, has built industrial base in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Hebei, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, embarked on both the R & D and production enterprises development.

Fourth, the key to force the British company "technology bank" positioning for successful implementation

- Continued investment in technology and in close connection with the talent development

By enterprises in the SWOT method to analyze the resources enterprises are facing the external environment and their own have and accurate positioning and develop a strategy, the next step is how to ensure the successful implementation of these strategies, and for enterprises ensure strategic key factors to be considered general funds, technology, personnel and other aspects of the successful implementation of each enterprise should be to focus on the specific operation which according to their different industries and their actual situation of these aspects. British power company through its own business practice and continue to explore, based on the formation of its own corporate culture, the continuous investment and technical development of qualified personnel closely together for a successful implementation of the bank's technology has played a pivotal role.

(A) continued investment in technology and in close connection with the talent development

British power company recognized that, since the companies located in the "Technology Bank", then they would give full expression to the British power company advantages in technology, but if there is no corresponding investment in hardware and software, can not be a good solution to the complex project and technical issues. For eight years, the company has established the British forces in the Tsinghua University, nearly 2,000 square meters of technical center, including chemical synthesis laboratory, chemical analysis laboratory, integrated chemical engineering laboratories; a variety of modern analytical instruments and chemical engineering, automation , network-controlled experimental device substantially complete; spend huge sums of money at their own expense the purchase of 300 trillion superconducting NMR, GC-MS, UV-Vis scanners and other modern analytical instruments, the company has the world's advanced level of chemical research hardware equipment. By hardware construction and personnel training and scientific research to ensure that the company's various research and development projects and transfer of scientific and technological achievements have technology to track service and continuous technological innovation and improvement so as to support the ongoing level of scientific and technological transformation It continues to improve, so that the British company has a power capacity of the overall implementation of the project.

Wu Yin should deeply recognize that to realize "technology bank" function to ensure continued investment in technology, it must be a particular focus on people --- technical support investment, so the British power company implemented a unique " talent project. " The company's personnel policy is to "put first and then return", the "shelter" issue as a priority project, so that employees work more at ease, the company pursue a "people-oriented" management thinking, both for the talent to create "safe haven" but also "peace of mind "working and living environment, so that employees truly understand and feel the warmth of the owner, has attracted a group of aspiring to master cutting-edge multidisciplinary scientific theory, has accumulated a large number of scientific research, long-term practical experience, only to be "energy release" of doctoral and master, from more than a dozen colleges and universities, Tsinghua University, Beijing University and other professionals in various disciplines gathered at the British power company, constitute the company's strong "backbone technology", and these valuable talent technology is like gold, a steady flow of "technology bank" increased its "gold" reserves, so that British forces "technology bank" can continue to the "funds" --- high-tech achievements into enterprises, to ensure " loans under the technology, "the use of safe, reliable and reputable degrees, high efficiency and innovation.

(B) by the British power companies to strengthen the building of enterprise culture core competitive advantage

Long-term development of a modern enterprise, in addition to establishing a modern enterprise system and to have excellent entrepreneurs, and constantly open up the market, but also need to constantly improve and strive to create for the enterprise concept characteristic values ??and norms of behavior, namely corporate culture. In the SWOT analysis, the enterprise culture as enhance their business advantage of a magic plays an increasingly important role in modern enterprise competition, management of the company deeply understands the British force, and in this regard the aggressive bold innovation and exploration, and achieved good results.

British power company through its own business practices and continuous exploration, corporate culture positioning: Attracting excellence, the use of high technology, revitalize national industry, to realize the value of life. This positioning outlines the company's strategy and values, and strengthen the concept of social, ethnic, personal fate of this community, showing the Chinese intellectuals to serve the motherland, serve the community of the essential characteristics and behavior of destination. "Attracting Talents" reflects the company's strategic thinking talent, express company Jobs thirst and retain qualified personnel, receiving talent, talent, good talent, expand personnel broad mind; "the use of high technology" to establish a high-tech company technology as a means to technological innovation as the technical characteristics of the location; "revitalize national industry, to realize the value of life" to define the company's fundamental tasks and attribution of conduct, reflecting the company's overall corporate life, reflecting the power of the British people's sense of responsibility and mission the pursuit of quality and high value to employees realize the value of life integrated into national industry among such a large I, work together to build a community to create tremendous value of the platform, so that everyone on this platform has tr

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