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3.1 Computer control system design and reform in chemical process

With the help of years' experience in chemical automated profession, R&D self-control department  provide s tailored solutions to production line’s complete automation projects and have offered various kinds of successful examples.  Production process automation technology implementations not only keep the high quality of products and increase production efficiency but also decrease labour intensity and manufacturing cost.

1) Control sequence design

R&D department provided customized complete automation project for production line, which could decrease cost and enhance  technological level for enterprise.

2) Control sequence implement

Experienced engineers provide specific control system solutions to achieve  highest ratio of capability to price.

3) Measuring point and control point’s realization

R&D department provide  eligible instruments choice for setting up optimal automation hardware platform.

4) Application example

l  Jiangsu Taifeng Company’s Indigo automatic computer control system project have achieved  four sections’ auto control in batch processes, which ensure products’ quality, promote productivity and decrease cost.

l  Jiangsu Haimen Huijuyingli LHPA production line’s computer control systems transformation. For LHPA first and second steps reactions temperatures’ control have accurate demand and manual operation is hard to deliver the desired results, R&D self-control department control algorithm optimization to control temperature of control system. As a result, it has ensure first and second steps reactions quality and yield in high level.

l  Jiangsu Haimen chloroacetic acid distillation applianceoptimizing. According to previous experiences of site operation, department engineer obtain controlled objects’characteristic information and summarize corresponding control rules to build control rule sets.  Strategies that inference engine executes on the basis of field signal-acquisition control rules. It is also called expert control strategy. chloroacetic acid distillation reflux is continuous control based on experience curve which makes quick discharging and stable performance in process. This summary and application of control strategy has proved our company have mastered mature auto control technology.

l  Heilongjiang Paraquat project adopted comprehensive computer control, which dramatically improved system stability and yield. Labor productivity was also be increased.

l  Zhuozhou DMP project adopted precisely measure the ratio technology of high viscosity impure liquid flow to improve products yield.

l  Chongqing 003-1 projects’ implements have fully embodied the ability of large project management. This 5000 ton annual device had been set dozens of control points and hundreds of check point. It was controlled by  field bus’ computer control system and successful commissioning at first time.

3.2  System Modeling and Optimize

According to fieldwork process conditions, plants and reactive states, R&D department based on modern control theory  build model to optimize for controlled objects. R&D department utilize computer to achieve system control’s optimization algorithm and on-line real time optimization control to improve productive efficiency and product conversion rate.

Application example

l  Chongqing HCN production installation computer control system is improved. HCN continuous reactor is been studied by modeling, simulation and control optimizing and by optimization algorithm to achieve real-time control of system. When put into operation, conversion radio breaks historical record with significant production efficiency and lower cost. production levels have reached advanced world levels.

l  Chongqing Yingli Gas company’s 003-1 project. Engineers aim at continuous reactor production process of solid-liquid-gas three phases slurry bed to built model for simulation. Modern control theory and advanced control algorithm are used to control reactor in a stable state in one-time control and production efficiency reach design level.

3.3  Featured products

1) Organic electrolytic reaction tank

Organic electrolytic reaction tank is recently developed auto-control hardware platform by accuracy controlling electrode voltage to ensure organic electrolytic reaction stable and efficient.

2)  Combined reactor

Combined reactor is recently developed auto-control platform which aim at improving work efficiency,  analyzing experimental records and stabilize the process conditions in laboratory. Its strength is setting multiple sets of different reactions at same conditions in the meantime or changing specific parameter with same material for multiple sets of reaction evaluations. As a result, this platform not only improve work efficiency but also make laboratorian stay out of organize data to do more creative work.

3) Chemical reaction evaluation and parameter optimization appliance

This appliance use continuous flow reaction and chromatography,  pulse and chromatography, temperature program and chromatography or combine with  infrared and mass spectra to heterogeneous catalysis processes like gas-solid, liquid-solid, gas-liquid-solid. Their advantages like flexible and convenient to change functions and device instrumentation make they widely used in research and teaching fields as petrochemical engineering, chemistry & chemical engineering,  nanotechnology and biological medicine. 


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