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Beijing Branch of the British Health and New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly British forces and Wang) was founded in September 2009 by a sky map Ventures Group's Tianjin Xinghua FIG equity investment partnership, Shenzhen Tian FIG equity investment fund management Professor Wu Yin enterprises should research team led by a joint venture. R & D and management team has long been engaged in investment and management, new products, new technology research and development, environmental chemicals and related fields of production technology, equipment, process optimization and design of the great achievements and experience, founded by & ldquo; corporate hospitals, technical Bank & rdquo; mode acclaimed. Insight Health Section will make full use of the controlling shareholder and Professor Yin Ying Wu in investment and management, development of biomass resources, new materials, environmental protection, biotechnology and other technology, capital, management and industry experience advantage, continued innovation and research is closely binding mode, is committed to the full price of plant development, bio-based industrial chain focusing on new materials, new technology, training, incubation and market promotion, development of biomass resources as raw materials for green products. Insight Health Division is focused on biomass utilization and bio-based products to clean products engineering, can technology research and development, equipment and process optimization, technology package design, technology promotion, demonstration bases, new products, marketing and personnel training as one to break the ecological crisis, the development of eco-industrial responsibility to lead and promote the development of the industry.


     Beijing Insight Biomass LLC henceforth refer to as“the company”was founded in September 2009.The company was invested and created by the joint venture between Xinghua Equity Investment Partnership Enterprise of Tianjin Tiantu of Tiantu Capital Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Tiantu Equity Investment Fund Management Co., and research and development team led by prof. Yingwu Yin. The company’s R&D and management team is very experienced in project investment and management, new product and technology research and development, and the design and optimization of chemical industrial production, equipment, and process as the company has engaged in these fields over the years. The enterprise model of “Business Hospital and Technology Bank” created by the company has widely received popular opinion. The company will optimally utilize the advantage created by the experience of the shareholders and Prof. Yingwu Yin in the investment,exploitation,operation,and management of biomass resources technologies as well as the and development of green, material, biological technologies. The company focuses on the full value exploitation of botanic plants and the innovation, growth, and marketing of new biomass material, green product, and technology. The company is devoting its efforts in the utilization of biomass resource and clean production processes of bio-based products. The company looks to lead the industry in solving environmental problems and developing ecologically centered enterprises by putting its efforts in innovation, and optimization of technology, equipment, the process, design and promotion of comprehensive technology package, the marketing of new products, and the growth of talents.


Beijing Insight Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: East Road, Haidian District, Beijing Anningzhuang 18 Tell:010-62944395 Mail:insight@insight.net.cn
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