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  The orientation of "Technology Bank" is a characteristic of Insight Company. It is a combining device for the resource of study, R&D and industry. Through the operation of technology center and enterprise operation, it can do science studies, accumulation and innovation of technology systematically, as well as find and train talents. So it has storage function; Technology Bank provides hi-tech and application technology to enterprises requiring constant development, so it has debit and credit function; The value of the enterprise and individual can come true at the same time through turning science into technology, turning technology into products, and turning products into goods, which shows its encash function.
   Scientific study and R&D are input and exchanging processes between materiality and immateriality Industry is output and processes of materializing and enlargement. Scientific study, R&D and industry have formed a closed value chain, in which value can be transferred, circulated, increased and enlarged.


  Science and scholar are the main bodies of scientific study. Scholar mainly combine knowledge and new discovering are their most exciting things.
  Science is human beings'treasure; science is the weapon of human beings'recognizing and constructing the nature. Scientific workers discover and summarize the natural law, create the scientific research methods, practise and train the ability, which is the most valuable part of "study".
  Insight Company put forward the new operation mode "Enterprises'Hospital" and "Technology Bank" as advanced forerunner. The operation achievements of Insight Company has made itself receiving respect from the enterprises in Zhongguancun area.
   Insight Company discovers the value of "Combining Scientific study, R&D and Industry¡± and its meaning. Through several years explore, it realizes the value of creating, passing and circulating value on the platform of study, R&D and production and the process of increasing value and its enlargement. Insight Company puts forward the view of "study, R&D and production" forming closed value chain. Study and research is input, which is a process of "nothing to nothing" and "something to nothing"; Production is output, which is a process of "something to produce and nothing to enlarge gradually", a process of "nothing to something". 


 Two sainted and respectable academicians on Appraisal meeting 

The scene of President Yin Yingwu recording"the program of Chinese MBA Classical Cases"for China Education TV Station.

Technical lecture


Many research personnel of Insight Company have ever done a lot of initiative work in the fields of life chemistry, life organic phosphorus chemistry and organic synthesis, having many important discoveries.


During the period of Dr. Yin Yingwu studying from academician Zhao Yufen, He discovered the special activation of N-phospho-amino acids, the new method of phosphor--chlorine synthesizing phosphor-amino acids in water and the best synthesis technique and separation methods. He discovered the ester-phosphate exchange of N-phosphorylation serine and serine, phosphorous acyle N-O transfer, activation reaction of peptides, ester, hydrolyze and removing phosphor-amino acids and imidazole catalyse, putting forward the intermediate reaction mechanism of. He did much initiative work for N--phospho-amino acids model--protein nucleic acid origin model theory. He discovered that bombardment to quality spectrum of anion and quick atom is the best method of adjudging phospho-amino acids and mixed amino acids, and set up the experienced formula of P NMR chemical displacement and structure relations which is suitable for 5 kinds compound.

He applies the modern analysis technology (such as NMR ,GC-MS ,HPLC-MS ,FT-IR, FAB-M) into the mechanism of reaction process, choice, dynamics, liquid atmosphere, competition reaction, reaction quality spectrum and allergy-increasing research, and the confirmation of compound in mixture, and resolved the problems of follow-up chemical ms and analyzing compound, establishing the quantitative or half quantitative dynamic research methods which is applied to the follow-up of reaction process, study of reaction choice, optimization of synthesis condition, choice of extraction reagents and the measurement of distribution proportion, the check of results purity, and analysis of complicated mixture. These creative research methods play a key role in the aspects of the scientific research and innovation.         

N-phosphorylation model-protein and nucleic acid originate together


  Qualifying with training doctors and postgraduate of Tsinghua University and establishing a training base of a good hardware and software platform is a highpoint of Insight Company. This combination set up a bridge for study, R&Dand production. At the same time, it resolves the factual problems related with research topic. "Technology Bank" can absorb excellent graduates who become the backbone of technology of Insight Company without adaptive period.

Tian Jinping,2000.3~2004.1,doctoral postgraduate of Chemistry department of Tsinghua University. Under the supervision of Professor Yin Yinwu, he explored the chemical evolution process of life origin in Insight Company and put forward the most possible way for amino acid synthesizing peptide under the origin condition. Under the function of microwave, he found that amino acid synthesizing peptide and the circle process of phosphate's aggregation rebirth could be realized in the system of ¡°amino acid ~phosphates~Mg ion¡±. As long as inputting microwave, it can produce peptide. He concluded that it may be the best possible way for amino acid synthesizing peptide in the process of chemical evolution, which has important theoretical meaning and application value for exploring life's origin and developing new methods of synthesizing peptide. He also found that electrolyte has speed up functions for CNMR spinning-crystal lattice relaxation of amino acids compound, creating the CNMR quantitative new methods of amino acid compound. 

Mgion, amino acid synthesizing peptide under the function of microwave and circle process of phosphatic activation and polymerization


Zhao ping is doctoral postgraduate of chemistry Department of Tsinghua University. Under the guide of Professor Yin Yingwu, he researched various factors of organic electrochemistry industrialization systematically in Insight Company, trying to find the resolving plan of overcoming the bottleneck of organic electrochemistry reaction industrialization technology. Taking the reaction of electrolyzed cyanogens synthesizing a-cyanamid for example, through reviewing and optimizing current, anode current potential, temperature, thickness of raw materials, proportion of carbinol and thickness of sodium cyanide, he found out that the key of improving organic electrochemistry reaction is gaining electrolyse condition of a-cyanmid, choosing and controlling suitable anode current potential (non-permanent current and non-permanent trough pressure. The result can promote greatly organic electrochemistry industrialization.

Sun Hongbin is doctoral postgraduate of chemistry Department of Tsinghua University. Under the supervision of professor Yin Yinwu and professor Hua Rumao, he did creative research reaction of acrylic esterify under the condition of existing transition metal-salt, and found a new-type inorganic salts catalyzer for esterify or ester exchange reaction which has the characteristics (dissolving the system easily, reaction under the room temperature or lower temperature, double-key of crylic acid do not converge, the output rate of esterify is high, catalyses can be recycled and reused). We are looking forward to develop catalyses new technology of ester's synthesis with friendly environment.  

Xie Zengyong1999.9~2002.6, master's degree candidate of Chemical college of Southwest China Normal University, majored in fine organic synthesis. Under the supervision of professor Luo Bikui and mentor Yin Yinwu , he researched different synthesis technique of chirality amino acid, taking chirality pesticides R-metalaxyl as representative. He appraised the economic technology of R-metalaxyl's different synthesis line and put forward the advanced and most economic application synthesis methods for R-metalaxyl, as well as established racemize technology of chirality amino acid and efficient controlling analysis method.

Li Yuntian 1999.9~2002.6, master's degree candidate of chemistry department of Tsinghua University, majored in organic chemistry. Under the guide of mentor Yin Yingwu, he put forward and approved that microwave has distinct non-heat catalysis to chemical reaction through lots of practice in Insight Company. The research found that unite catalysis of microwave and acidity active carbon could speed up the esterify reaction, putting forward new microwave catalysis synthesis technique which has novelty, application, advancement and industrialization value. The thesis found that the function of microwave could promote to polymerize phosphate and synthesize peptide reaction of amino acid of Mg ion. This discovery has a posting function for chemical evolution process of life origin. 

Guo Qingbin is studying master's degree candidate of environment Department of Tsinghua University. Under the guide of mentor Yin Yinwu, he researched deeply cleaning production technique of salicylic acid and iminodiacetic acid CP and further put forward and approved that microwave has distinct non-heat catalysis to chemical reaction on the base of the Insight Company's research achievements, challenging for the traditional microwave heat catalysis theory. He brought forward that the non-heat domino offect of microwave in chemical reaction mainly lies in microwave offering the molecule energy to reagent is non-heat form, setting up the unite velocity formula of heat chemical reaction and microwave reaction.
M and T is the form of energy, which is related with microwave's characteristic( such as power density on the numerical value) and be fixed quantity and measured; A dose not insist withpre-exponential factor in the Arrhenins formula on the numerical value. A has different respond to microwave for different reaction system
He put forward the concept of weak microwave which represents microwave catalysis----when heating medium every minute, the temperature is below 1 , using the method of weak microwave to approve. 

Chen Zhihong, 1997.9~2000.7, Cai peng 1998.9~2001.6, master's degree candidate of chemical engineering department of Tsinghua University; Xing Shaolong, studying master degree candidate of Chemical department of Tsinghua University. Under the guide of mentor Yin Yinwu, Duan Zhanting and Wang Jinfu, they did lots of creative research in the aspect of combination of green chemical technique and engineering, referring to consecutive multiphase reaction of liquid-gas or gas-liquid-solid, gas consecutive absorption and refine, mellow acid consecutive esterify and refine, consecutive rectification and separation of industrial waste liquid, consecutive reaction and purification thermo materilaCOadding Hproduces carbinol, and CO2 and H2 synthesizing DME in one step. They made great achievements in consecution and green technology industrialization.

Gao feng 1999.9~2002.7 , engineering master's degree candidate of chemical engineering department of Tsinghua University , majored in macromolecule material and chemical. Under the guide of high-grade engineer Zhao Wenchao of Insight Company and mentor Yin Yingwu and Guo Baohua. Through the research of ultraviolet light solidification stain printing ink, he found out several efficient approaches for improving UV solidified dope/ performance of printing ink system lacquer membrane dynamics. These achievements have important reference and guiding functions for developing various UV and visible light solidification dope/ printing ink.

Cha ping, 1999.9~2002.7, engineering master's degree candidate of Tsinghua University, majored in material engineering. Under the guide of high-grade engineer Zhao Wenchao of Insight Company and mentor Yin Yingwu and Bai Xinde, he takes ultraviolet light solidification technology applying to the lacquer of leather's surface as research topic. In Sight Company, he developed waterborne and oil light solidification leather lacquer reagent, which has high luster on surface, flection resistance, and dryness resistance and scrub wetly, environmental protection with good breathing and saving energy, and excellent performance of coat's surface. He summarized up rule of various component of light solidification dope affecting the performance of coat.



     Leather's surface appearance without lacquer



      Leather's surface appearance of lacquer PUA



   Leather's surface appearance of lacquer heat solidification prescription 



Li Gangqiao 1999.9~2002.6, master's degree candidate of electronic machinery department of Tsinghua University, majored in electric engineering. Under the supervision of Dr. Xu Shangyang and mentor Yin Yingwu and Professor Huang Yizhuang, he designed a Profibus basic system, and realized the physical layer of Profibus agreement, data link layer and FDL service. He used CMP to realize Profibus subordinate station and simple main station on the serial port of PC. According to the agreement of Profibus physical layer, he connected this satiation together. The validity of connective Profibus is guaranteed.

Wang zhan,studying master's degree candidate of Mechanical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University. Under the supervision of Dr. Huang Qishan and mentor Yin Yingwu and Professor Chen Qiang, he appraised mixing effects of YL-1 model axis-flow type paddle with high efficient and low energy-consumption, and approved the Insight paddle saving energy was as half as that of turbo paddle. The mixing effect excels that of double-layer paddle. On the basis of standard structure, he chose stainless steel material, strictly checked hub and vane, inspected the processing method of impeller and coupling form and put forward new impeller puddler.

Li Rui, engineering doctor of Tianjin University, entered in post-doctor flow station in Haidian district in April 2002. Now Li Rui is the post-doctor of Insight Company. Under the guide of mentor YinYingwu and academician Jin Yong, Li Rui participated in the engineering design of CO and H2 synthesizing DME in one-step and the construction of pilot scale base with 3000 tons. Li Rui focused on the work of absorption, separation and refine of mix gas of products with high temperature, high pressure and low thickness, such as DME, carbinol, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, CO, nitrogen and water. Cooperating with Insight fuel and chemical department of Tsinghua University, Li Rui made great achievements in the process of DME'S engineering and industrialization.

Wang Hai,Hao Hongwei, master's degree candidate. Guided by professor Wu Minsheng and professor Yin Yingwu in Insight Company, they use power ultrasonic as a clean and high-efficient pollution-control method, which can be applied to degradation of industrial waste water to make progress. 7M Hz high frequency ultrasonic has great degradation effects on chlorphecnol matter in wastewater. They did research deeply on degradation effect, degradation reaction process, reaction mechanism and affected factors of influencing the degradation effect. 

Through training students and gathering talents, Insight Company contributed a lot in science field by establishing a series of scientific discoveries and innovation methods, which settle scientific base for high jumping-off point research.


               Mentors and students


           Dr. Tian Jinping rejoins


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