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  Technology, technology platform and professional talents are the main body of research.

  Innovation is an impetus that the technology researches personnel need. Science turning into technology not only needs outstanding talents and advanced scientific knowledge, but also needs first class hardware research conditions. Insight technology center is an integrated center of Insight system technology resource. Through industrialized practice for several years, it has shaped a professional technique team who is good at doing formidable task, making Insight Company have strong discipline synthesis and cross ability. The company is good at solving complicated problems about the development of technology,investment policy, technology transfer, engineering fittings and management, becoming a "Enterprise's hospital" worthy of the name which offers high-level enterprise's appreciation service. The advantage of technological research is also the concrete embodiment of Insight "Technology Bank" key competitiveness. With the improved various modern analysis, experimental and office conditions, several years experience and efficient scientific research management system as well, Insight company offers a international advanced level software and hardware platform for the talents at home and aboard and the combination of advantages. 

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Technique Lab


  The pilot scale and large production base built in Chongqing, Hebei, Tianjin, Heilongjiang made the technology and industry chains of the Insight Company get further extension. It constructed a solid platform for science changing into technology, technology into product and product into goods.

 Organization chart of technology center 

 Profile of technology center office

  Technology center office is a comprehensive management department for coordinating, communication and dispatching, which is one of administration department. It is mainly responsible for the work about management, supervision and implantation of technology, technology negotiation and transfer. On the management of project, the office helps the company leaders to carry on quality control in the course of the research and development, being responsible for design and rules and regulations related with technology management, supervise and check the implementation of the rules and regulations. On the management of technology data, the office cooperates every department to carry on the document investigation, being responsible for compiling, saving, borrowing and managing of technology data, file, achievements and books and periodical. For the technology achievements Insight Company gained, the office is responsible for the application and maintenance of the patent and organizing the establishment of the technological achievements material, declaring and managing. Additionally, the office is responsible for the management through specialized department of the technological cooperation customer, organizing feedbacks of customer, and survey " customer's satisfaction "regularly. An efficient and well-trained management team has been shaped through several years' practice. With the development of Insight Company, the office will continue to serve for the technology department, always summarizing and studying, making the management of technology perfect. 

Reading room


 Chemical technique department

 Chemical technique department is mainly responsible for the research and development of new technique and new product, participating in or organizing the pilot scale or the follow-up of debug technology in production and improvement, undertaking the task of technology transfer, technology service, technology cooperation and technology consulting.

  Chemical technique department has made great achievements through several years ‘accumulation, gaining several patents with independent intellectual property and industrialized achievements. There are following achievements:

  1. Synthesis of organic phosphorus series chemical compound
  2. Synthesis of amino acid and amine containing nitrogen material
  3. Synthesis of carboxylic acid chemical compound and acyl chlorine
  4. Reduction reaction (Specially catalysis adding hydrogen, metal reduction and sulphide reduction)
  5. C.Friede -J.M.Crafts reactivity

Synthesis and separation of chirality amino acid spinning technology.
Chemical technique department has formed a research team taking project group as the core. Unity and hard work is the fine tradition of the technique department. High-level professional talents and accumulated experience is a treasure of the department. Chemical technique department is mainstay and vanguard of company's technological innovation. The department made great achievements on Insight's platform. Life value and company's value has got very good combination and embodiment in the chemical technique department. 

Technology lecture



Profile of chemical engineering department

  Chemical engineering department is responsible for the design and development of chemical technology, engineering product, unique technique and equipment, design of production line. The department participates or organizes the lab scale, pilot scale and trial production. It also implements technology transfer of the project and technology consultation to the outside

  Main business the chemical engineering department undertaking concludes: 

   1.Be responsible for the design of engineering technology, technological guide of equipment and live installation, join in the implementation of overall engineering technology combining with technique with automatic control technology.

  2. Research and develop unique exclusively owned technology, helps the enterprise to improve the level of the engineering, popularize green chemical technology. Chemical technique department has made great achievements through several years' accumulation, gaining several patents with independent intellectual property and industrialized achievements:

HCN production device


Equipment of membrane separation

  1.interim and consecutive rectification technology

  2.consecutive and high-efficient extraction technology

  3.gas absorption and refined technology

  4.Insight mixer for strengthening heart- transfer of gas and matter and engineering technology of the assignment between gas and liquid

  5.coupling technology of consecutive reaction and separation engineering

  6.temperature sensing material vacuum rectification technology

Lab technology long corridor

Work room 

                                                   Profile of new material department 
  The new material department takes new type light solidified and waterborne dope as the key research, which has environmental protection and save-energy in material field. The department researches and develops light source, monomer, the initiator, prescription and operation technology. It is the vanguard of Insight Company in the civil goods field.

Under the influence of company's mission-" green technology, Insight mission, excellent service, dedicating fine work", the new material department unites and strives for together to overcome difficulties. It created unique multifunctional waterborne latex and its synthetic technology, developed winlight series waterborne paint and issued regeneration products-waterborne dope which have the advantages of friendly environment, fresh smell, good anti-pollution, high elasticity, anti-acid and alkaline, resisting salt and fog, ageing- resistant, antibiotic and anti-mildew, defending crack and gap, good feel. At the same time, the department invented acrylic acid light-solidified colophony, which has excellent performance. It also developed visible light solidified dope with excellent adhesive force, which is used widely in plastics, woods, metal and cement.

These achievements will be applied to the fields of civil, industrial dope and adhesive widely.

Research Room of new material

Study Room of performance test

 Profile of quality management and analysis department

  Quality management and analysis department is responsible for analyzing various samples and establishment of analysis method, quality supervision of product-owned, research of lab scale and the follow-up of industrialization production and training of related operator. It directly participates in tackling key problems of great project, undertakes the responsibility of setting up a methods which a whole set of raw material the production needs and the analysis of samples. It is also responsible for organizing the design of enterprise's standards and declaration, and the quality control of products.

The department is responsible for managing large-scale instruments (such as 300M nuclear magnetic resonance instrument of Brook Company and Daojin gas quality united instrument) and modern analytical instruments (such as several sets liquid-phase chromatographic instrument, gas-phase chromatographic instrument, ultraviolet visible spectrometer, visible light spectroscope photometer and system of mixing colors.

The department is good at follow- up and test of reaction course. The qualitative and quantitive analysis of complicated mixture's dynamic and static is the department's characteristics. The analysis department plays an irreplaceable supporting role in the process of industrialization in nearly 100 projects.

The department has formed an analysis and test team, which is qualified with high-level, reasonable ageing structure, and rich work experience. The employees communicated and studied for each other, forming a well trained and good- fighting team and receiving favorable comments from the inside system. 

                                     Profile of Zhuozhou pilot scale base
  In order to intensify the engineering transferring ability, speed up the progress of the project, open the earlier stage market and form the intact engineering technology, the company built Zhuozhou pilot scale base, which is a project industrialization extended platform. The base has reaction engineering and fitting equipments which separation engineering needs (atmosphere and decompression distillation, rectification, absorption, and crystallization, dryness). The public engineering outfits (water, electricity, gas, cold) are installed completely. It was equipped with consecutive tube-type reactor, electrodialysis, filtration device and high vacuum distillation equipment.

The base is equipped with pilot scale and lab scale research lab, chemical analysis room and instrumental analysis room. Since the foundation of the Zhuozhou pilot scale base, it has been playing an important role in the advance of glycin and colophony project industrialization process and the course of thinning technology.

  Profile of automatic control research department
  Automatic control research department takes computer control system in production process and automatic control instrument as research target. For computer control system of the design of production line in chemical and light industry, the department cooperates with the achievement's transfer and optimizes the control in production process. 

  Main business:

One Service of automatic control technology

Characteristics of business: It is closely related with techniques, adopting advanced computer control system as hardware support and realizing the advanced control algorithm so as to make the controlled production process reach a steady, high efficient and excellent state.

Example of business: Since the foundation of the automatic control research department, it has completed tens of projects, concluding Haimen LHPA computer control system, Chongqing HCN computer control system, Heyou BCK computer control system. Because the projects were closely connected with technique specialist, these projects made great achievements on control optimization. Taking Chongqing HCN for example, since the computer control system putting into production, the production output rate and stability of the production line has reached international level.

Two Automatic control instrument

Profile of business: research and produce automatic control instrument and equipment.

Characteristics of technology: engaged in professional technology service of computer control system, live technology of control system, developed instruments products with strongly professional and technological characteristics and applied background in the course of research for several years. Because the products are endured the live use for long term, its stability,reliabilityand technical performance are guaranteed.
  Introduction of products:

1.Isolation module: It is applied to the isolation protection for input and output signal of computer control system. There are tens of varieties, concluding signal isolation of analog quantity and switch quantity, engineering signal transferring into standardized signal or long distance communication signal. The module has high measure precision and reliability for long use. The module adopts the backboard insert-pull structure. It can insert or pull with electricity, easily maintaining.

2. Explosion-proof readable instrument: It is applied to the explosion-proof production line in Chemical and light industry. It is also used to display the parameter in the course of explosion-proof site. The measure precision is higher than that of common thermometer, its stability is good and reliability is high. LED display clearly, helpful for live operation; it can change live signal into standard signal or standard communication signal, realizing the long-distance transmission of live signal.

3. Special instrument: It is designed for the industry characteristics. Now the main products are: explosion-proof type PH converter, explosion-proof type ORP converter. They are used in the measure of PH and oxidization reduction current potential in production process respectively. The instrument measure precisely, with good stability and reliability and simple debug and operation. The magnetic operation keyboard is a characteristic of the instrument. This kind of instrument is been researching continually and the types will be increased gradually. 

Introduction of function and performance of YL-1000 computer control system
 It is designed for the production process of chemical and light industry, having special algorithm and system structure. It measures precisely, with random frame of control plan, stable performance and complete management functions. The system is mainly composed of control unit and monitor station, taking computer as kernel. The whole system can operate though display screen without any routine instrument, with terse exterior. The control unit and monitor station can be equipped randomly according to distributed structure. The system can equip flexibly for different production process, using lowest cost to realize perfect process automation. The design of hardware and software of system takes unitary function as principle and stability as object, so that it can improve the reliability of the whole system and there is no need to maintain the whole system; the system is isolated by outer interface with over 1500V, offering high safety for the system.

      Research Room of New material

Research Room of Performance Test

Scale and application of Insight green chemical engineering technology 


Technology means

unit technology and equipment

Typical application

Green reaction


Intensifying mass transfer

YL-1and flow type paddle with

high-efficient and low-energy consumption

Reconstruction of reaction cauldron: such as the syntheses of omethoate, ferment of monosodium glutamate, dichlorvos

Intensifying heat transfer

Exchange heat tube inner plug-in package with spiral wing slice

Exchange heat tube inner plug-in package with interior tongue and bending type

Intensified shell heat exchanger is widely applied to various saving-energy and lower consumption projects

Traditional interim production realize the technique in


Liquid-liquid reaction

Wide application

Gas-liquid reaction

paddle bed in one step synthesizing DME and consecutive production of glycolonitrile

Gas-liquid-solid reaction

Indigo oxidation, catalyze hydrogenation, chloroactic acid consecutive production

Gas-liquid tube type reaction in succession

glycolonitrile methods produces glycine consecutively

New type gas and liquid reactor

Circumfluence reactor and gas distribution system

Acetone chlorination and other chlorination reaction

High-efficient gas and liquid reactor

Padding and lowering membrane reactor:

put padding into the reactor and increase touch and mass transfer

each other

Various absorption and reaction process





Consecutive rectification

(can choose automatic control system)

Consecutive rectification and separation of chloromethanester- dichloromethanester, acetic acid-chloroatic acid-dichloroacetic acid, DME separation with pressure, wastewater recycles

Interim rectification (can choose

automatic control system)

Interim rectification of industrial waste acetic acid recycles acetic acid, propionic acid, crude phenol, separate high purity resorcinol

High vacuum rectification £¨abosulte pressure of operation¡´1mmHg)

Concentration and purification of thermo material, natural result, spice and medicine intermediate

Rectification at permanent boiling point

Separation of chloroactic acid in mother solution of chloroactic acid

Reaction rectification £¨reaction and rectification coupling£©

rectification of methyl Chloroactate reaction


Extraction tower with high-efficient

extraction padding and interior tongue and bending type/technique equipment factory of centrifugal extracted machine

Extraction of anilin wastewater
Extraction of spermine wastewater
Consecutive extraction of amyl water layer
Consecutive extraction of acid chlorobenzene
Consecutive extraction of hydroxybenzene


crystallization and separation of solution (match automatic control system)

Mother solution of chloroactic acid rime continually


Gas purification

Dryness of industrial gas

recycle of organic solvent in air

Liquid purification

Dehydration of organic water/removing organic matter in wastewater/discolor of solution

Separations of gas mixture

Transformation absorbs and separates hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen

Membrane separation

Technology of high-efficient membrane (electrodialysis)

Desalt from solution, gas separation (dryness)

Technology of bubble separation

Bubble extraction machine

Flotation of ore, matter distillation in dilute solution, wastewater disposal

Ion exchange


Ion exchange colophony rising evaporator/

lowering evaporator can realize consecutive evaporation with one way ( can choose to match automatic control system)

Desalt from deep liquid, gas dryness, water disposal, purification of mater, wastewater disposal, recycle of resorcinol solvent and dehydration of spermine

Recycle treatment of

three wastes

Recycle of available matter in industrial

waste water


Recycle of available matter- omethoate, methamidophos and ethoxyquin in production wastewater


Recycle of available matter- omethoate, dimethoate, methamidophos,and aniline in wastewater

Recycle treatment of waste gas

Refine of industrial by-product halogenated-hydrogen gas

omethoate, chlorobenzene, chloroacetone by-product hydrochloric gas refine industrial hydrochloric acid

Preprocessing of

industrial waste water

 The ultrasound of the organic matter is degraded

in the waste water and water pollution control

Super-sound degrades industrial waste water containing hydroxybenzene, halogen-containing salt and heterocyclic compound

  Extraction technology of waste water
  The technique applies padding with interior tongue and bending type, and high-efficient extraction tower that is designed by extraction performance of different wastewater and solvent system to recycle product or raw material in wastewater. It makes the technology of padding tower extraction expand from middle-low interface tension system to middle-upper interface tension system creatively. It helps the enterprise to resolve the problems of the recycle and reuse of available matter in wastewater.

The technology can be used in extraction of product and recycle in wastewater in pesticide, medicine and chemical production industry, whose interface tension within 5-15 dyne. The specific project can be designed on the spot in terms of different face tension and extraction system.

The technology has been applied in systems (systems of omethoate synthesizing waste water, oxygen sulphur phosphorus ester synthesizing waste water, dimethoate synthesizing waste water, waste water containing hydroxybenzene, dimethylthic-phosphoryl and aniline waste water) in several enterprises, such as Chongqing Pesticides Chemical (group) Co., Ltd, Fujian Sannong Co., Ltd, PLA 9715 factory, Shandong Agricultural Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Waste water into tower contains 3% omethoate, the rate can be reduced under 0.5% when the wastewater is out. It can make enterprises gain over benefits of 10 million . At the same time, it can reduce the cost of handling wastewater and environmental protection, having distinct economic benefit and environmental protection benefit.

The project passed the assessment of results presided by Beijing Technology Committee, reaching the advanced level in the domestic. It was awarded Beijing technology progress third prize and Beijing international invention gold medal in 1996. 

                             Padding with interior tongue and tow-loop shape
Three keys technology of radiation solidification 
  One Illuminant-green illuminant development and application technology

1. Electronic beam (EB) is produced by the electron accelerator

The lump-sum investment of the equipment is high and the using proportion is fewer than 10%. It is applied to deep solidification and food packaging goods, having a certain space of market.

2. Ultraviolet light (UV) is offered by ultraviolet illuminant

Ultraviolet illuminant is used over 90%. It is applied widely in the fields of printing, carpentry, optic fiber and photoengraving glue. Although it broke through on the production line of complicated shape of dope-package, construction environment easily cause ozone and ultraviolet harm. It is difficult to popularize in civil house decoration.

3. Visible illuminant ---Insight Company discovered a potential and important illuminant with great prospect.

It is a potential genuine green illuminant, which can promote the application of light solidification technology and be popularized in many fields widely.

Two Synthesis technology of light initiator monomer and pre-polymer

Light initiator: It is the key content of dope, with high efficiency of solicitation, little smell, and convenient use (liquid and high molecule). It is the development direction of initiator.

1. Free radical imitator:benzophenone, benzoin, hydroxyketone, amidocyanogen ketone,aromatic acyle phosphor and oxygen, sulfur anthracene ketone and so on.

2. Ion type initiator: aromatic iodine, saline, aromatic sulfuronium

Insight Company developed successfully 20 kinds of light imitator for 3 years¡¯ research and put into production in batch,with 90% products exported. The company becomes a developer and supplier of light solidification initiator in the world, whose variety is complete and most competitive.

Three Prescription technology of dope has excellent quality and cheap price, and environmental protection without ozone.

The development of oil and waterborne dope is the key research of radiation solidification technology with good surface mechanics performance and strong competitiveness. It is also the main direction of Insight Company¡¯s research.

Insight Company has made great series industrialization achievements in the development of green environmental protection, such as visible light and ultraviolet series dope, leather decorated pharmaceutical, optic fiber colorant, four-color silk screen waterborne printing ink, paint of road signal, special fluorescence dope, antisepses and inside and outside wall.

Waterborne latex and dope products with excellent performance

Insight Company developed a unique latex synthesis technology, successfully reconstructed the resin¡¯s structure and improved function and produced multi-functional latex with excellent performance and cheap price.
Using the excellent performance of dope developed by the latex, authorized test result by National Chemical Building Materials Center proved that the index of Insight dope 's various performance exceeded the standards of national good-grade products. The content of the organic volatile matter is lower than the standard of green environmental authentication (Green Shihuan Authentication), without thrill. The lacquer painting has good-look effect and elastic feels.

Insight dope, containing only 30% latex, has strong scrub-away resistance with over 70 thousand times to scrub away but still intact lacquer. It has strong adhesive force, good compactness of lacquer surface, anti-pulverization, high elasticity and wide applicability.

The dope has excellent function of stretching and expanding, with 340% crack extension rate. The index of pollution is 6. It makes functions of good elasticity, anti-pollution and easily scrub-way into one dope. The unique flexibility and strong adhesive force make the dope directly repair the crack, not needing to handle in another way. It shows its repair function, automatic offsetting defect and high adhesive force. It can avoid the appearance of wispy crack, having good adhesive force on woods, color plate steel, cement and surface of magnetic surface. It is the best choice of face lifting of various basic materials, having good industrialization prospect. 




 Representative patent achievements


Name of patent

Abstract of patent


New technique of Omethoate production

The invention is the new technique of producing omethoate. The technique optimizes the amine solution which omethoate commonly uses in the domestic, not changing production raw material. Under the condition of little change of technique and equipment, it makes the synthesis of sulphur phosphorus ammonium salt, oxygen sulphur phosphorus ester and omethoate in the course of production which improves the output rate. The total rate of production of omethoate improves above 20%. The content of crude oil can stabilize at above 80%. The technique has the advantages of strong practice, a little investment, rapid benefit, stable quality and simple technique, and little three wastes.


Axis-flow type mixer

It is an applicable axis-flow new type mixer that is applied to liquid-liquid or liquid-solid two-phase suspension and mix. Any section of mixer¡¯s paddle is composed of a section of straight side and both warping ends. The outer rim of both straight sides is composed of several half circles to form wave curve. The paddle presents the twisting shape along the central axis from tip to the bottom. The parts of paddle from twisting tip to bottom gradually widen. The mixer strengthens the random rate of overflow on the axial and radial, with good mixing condition and distinct effects.


recycle of organic matter in industrial acid wastewater and refine method of halogen acid

The invention provides a direct method, which recycles and refines organic matter and halogen acid from acid wastewater containing HX. The invention depends that HX and water can form boiling water. There is no need to neutralize HX in acid wastewater. Rectification can directly recycle organic matter from boiled wastewater. It can extract, condense and refine halogen acid at the same time.


a kind of dye method of textile material

The invention is involved with 3-hydroxybenzene-salt oxidizing indigo in the course of textile material reduction and the dye method, and the extraction method of 3-hydroxybenzene-salt and its compound.


method of extraction and recycle of pesticides and waste water

The invention opens a method that uses solvent extraction to handle pesticides wastewater, including making a part of solvent to mix with waste water, and another part of solvent to touch reflux with pretreatment wastewater. Additionally, it published a kind of equipment that carried on the above method.


Visible light solidification compound

The invention refers to a kind of visible light solidification compound. It concludes: (1) according to weight, 30-75% of compound contains alkene unsaturated radix pre-polymer at least; (2) According to weight, 20-65% of compound contains alkene unsaturated radix monomer at least; (3) According to weight, 0.1-10% of compound contains a kind of free radical light initiator at least. (4) According to weight, 0-10% of compound contains a kind of assistant initiator at least. (5) According to the weight, 0-20% of auxiliary, it not only substitutes current ultraviolet light solidification product, but also applies to furniture dope decoration and building dope decoration indoor and outdoors for large-scale. Visible light solidification dope brings great convenience for the popularization of printing ink.

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