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    Manufacture is realization,It is the process of scientific technology becoming carrier, continual copy and spread application;and is the process of the resources conformity in larger scale and value enlargement; Manufacture is the process of producing the existence and gradually enlarging the inexistence,which is a process of producing existence from inexistence;Academy, research and manufacture forms the closed value chain, which can process the transfer, circulation and continual enlargement of the value.

Insight company helps and serve other corporations develop chemical industry, while it trains the brace industry with independent characteristics.

    Insight Company has possessed multi-subject intercross capability, systemic mate capability, technological innovation and industrialization capability and foreseeable powerful market cooperation capability regarding the chemical industry as the main industry and also can construct modern factory on the plat field.

    Insight Company has obtained rich achievements in the aspect of reforming the traditional industry with the hi-new technology and technology transformation, and has shaped more than one hundred industrial fruits, and offered technological support for more than 30 corporations, in which five corporation have been listed. Omethoate technological fruits have benefited popularly more than 10 corporations in the country, for which Insight Company has established its development base. Relying on the technological support of Insight company, Jiangsu Taifeng Company has developed rapidly the leadership in the world indigotic industry, whose global occupation rate has exceeded 50%; the Xin'an Chemical which was supported by Insight Company has also been the second largest manufacturer of the world lyphosate.

Taking the research and industrialization of the hi-efficient ultraviolet radiation solidify solicitation TPO as the turning point, Insight Technology Company bred by Insight Company has constructed more than 10 working shops which can produce more than 20 kinds of light solidify solicitation, 90% of products are exported, hereinto the annual production of the TPO is 350 tons, and the annual production of the 907 reached 300 tons. Insight technology company has been one of the world famous manufacturers, the rights and interests of the owner of the corporation have increased 120 times for 5 years.

Through the united cooperation of Chongqing Chemical Medicine Group, Jiangsu Taifeng Company, Insight Company established Chongqing Tsinghua Unisplendopur Natural Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. process capital conformity and technological reformation on Chongqing Yongchuan Chemical Factory which was border on insolvent, developed FERROCYANIDE cleanliness manufacture new techniques, construct the manufacture equipments with annual production of 4500 tons, which was appraised as the "two high and one excellent" project by the State Economy and Trading Committee; meanwhile it improved the products technology level of cyanogens hydrogen acid and backward position to the international advanced level, developed a cleaning technique from crude materials production to indigotic production to dying; formed the production base of aniline acetonitrile with annual products of 30000 tons, hydroxide acetonitrile with annual products of 30000 tons, cyanogens hydrogen acid with annual products of 7500 tons, which solved the vital intermediate materials supplication problems of the indigotic cleaning manufacture new technology. Two years after its foundation, the company becomes one of the 500 most powerful companies in china Chemical field, 100 most powerful companiesin the tax before the profits (the ranking 64th), which has been the best star corporation of the best benefits of Chongqing Chemical Medical System.


The prize situation of part of industrialized fruits
  • Omethoate Manufacture New Technique
    In 1997, the third prize of State Scientific Improvement
    In 1996, the second prize of Beijing Scientific Improvement 
    In 1996, the second prize of Chongqing Scientific Improvement 
  • Useful material extraction reclaim pre-disposal technology of organic phosphor waster water
    In 1996, the third prize Beijing Scientific Improvement
  • Hi-efficient ultraviolet radiation solidify solicitation YL-PI TPO
    In the second prize of Beijing Scientific Improvement
    Was ranked into the 2001 state torch plan.
  • POTASSIUM FERROCYANIDE Clean Production Technology
    Obtained "ninth five" state technology innovation excellent plan prize
This project was ranked into 2001 Scientific torch plan program.


Part of industrial bases of Insight System

              Photosensitive industrial base

                    Natural industry base

                    Pesticide base

                     Zhuozhou glycin industrial base


DME synthesize industrial demonstration base

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